My Darkest Side

My Darkest Side

I was walking alone..

Thinking that they know nothing about me..

If I tell them.. If I confess..

What would they do?

Do they still remain here with me?

I’m so curious about that…



My Learning Style..

Hahaaa.. πŸ˜€

I know that each person has different learning style. But, I just wanna share my learning style.. Who knows that my style may be effective to you? πŸ˜€

  1. Learn in an atmosphere that we really like
  2. If it was not in the mood to learn, it’s better left the lessons! instead wasting our time for learning lessons, and as a result, the lesson will not be coming into your brain. You better go have fun to refresh your brain. After that, usually the mood will be back. πŸ˜€
  3. Do not forget to pray, because God who created our brains..Β  hehe πŸ˜€
  4. If you are sleepy, you better sleep . Do not forced, the consequences will be bad on your health condition. Later, you did not even take the exam.

Haaaaa… how? do u have the same style with me?

What is The Meaning of Friendship?

Guys ..

Do you think the meaning of ‘friend’?
whether the friend who just uttered in words?
whether the friend who forgot if they had a new friend?
whether the friend who remembered us, if we are useful to them?
Or …
whether the friend who always knows all our conditions wherever they are?

guys .. do you know??
I have a friend of each character that I mentioned earlier
And I concluded that ..

You will get to know your best friend when you are far away from them
So, you will find the real best friend ..

The people who always there for you ..
They always heard your hurt and bad ..

A good friend is the one who always with you in every prayer ..



Try to forget the memories that exist in your brain .. (especially the wonderful memories) must be hard right? whether you admit it?

if I told you more easily memorize the formulas (ex. physics formulas) than forgetting something? do you agreed to it? hahahaha …. πŸ˜€

Hmm .. Tell you what, if for example there are people who make mistakes to you, then he apologized .. how many days you can forget about that mistakes? (To the point?: P)

I say like that .. because I feel like that … anybody who does not agree with me?


Sometimes I used to get confused …

Coz … I think why .. frequently, people could committing a crime or mistakes … but their hearts must know that it is not good …

But, when I went through it myself .. when I do something that is not good .. definitely my conscience kept saying “hey, you’re really evil, don’t do that!”, but I still like that …

Have you ever experienced anything like that? Once I thought again .. turns out it was hard to fight against yourself.

I became aware of .. if life is indeed ” A CHOICE” so .. if we still choose to do bad things .. yahhh .. we will remain that way … But if we can fight it .. we will scrape through this life …

Actually .. there is always reminding us every we make mistakes .. the conscience of our own .. A good man is one who can keep and win his CONSCIENCE …

Global Warming

This is my older post on 2008, when the Global Warming issue still hot.. Check this out πŸ™‚

Wow .. it was not just Global Warming! but also people warming!

a.k.a the people who take part of global warming sensation!
they say, the Jogja Students want to carry out an actionΒ  for Global Warming!

Yesterday on 29-30 December 2007, as the year-end event,
HMGF (Geophysics Student Association) held Geohazard ‘English Debating Competition’, the debate with the theme Geohazard a.k.a threats of earth. It includes Global Warming issue too, you know!

Almost each bulletin that distributed, among UGM students of course, titled Global Warming.
Woww .. Global Warming seems increasingly popular!!! Global Warming is indeed warmed up again among the people, even heated up!

not wrong, but I think only a few people aware the significance of global warming itself .. Many people are discussing about it.. but ..

The proof is on the UGM students, in particular, there are still many who use motor vehicles ..

(so what?) Perhaps we are shouting about global warming, but our own still …….?!

So, maybe before we invite others, the best things to do isΒ  introspect ourselves first, right?