152 Cho Kyuhyun Super Junior Facts


Cho Kyuhyun, Super Junior maknae is attracting attention. In addition to a good voice, his evil behavior which makes ELF irritated.

Here is a 152 Kyuhyun facts that have been widely spread in cyberspace plus an extra bit of me ..

  1. Kyuhyun comes from the district in Seoul, namely Nowon.
  2. His family consists of mom, dad, and older sister.
  3. Born on February 3, 1988.
  4. 180 height, and weight 68. Blood type is A.
  5. Has older sister named Cho Ara who was 2 years older than Kyuhyun
  6. His father worked as a chairman in an association, and her sister lectures abroad.
  7. 조규현 is Hangul to Cho Kyuhyun.
  8. Kyuhyun is Christian. During 8 years old, he had a gospel record with her brother.
  9. When he was 16/17 years, Kyuhyun follow Buddy Star Contest (singing competition) and won 3rd place.
  10. Being a member of Super Junior since May 23, 2006 on television. May 24, 2006 (official news article). May 27, 2006 (official debut, i-concert).
  11. Kyuhyun had a bit of a nuisance because of an infection in his left ear when he was young. So, his left ear, a little less hearing. * still cute anyway oppa ^ ^
  12. Kyuhyun most like to play games. It turns out he is already playing games since the 3rd grade. After school, Kyu rush to the house so he could quickly play the game. If there are a friend who invites to play out, Kyuhyun politely answered “no” or Kyuhyun said if he is not given an allowance * hehehehe *
  13. Kyuhyun has more than 50 nicknames. Because too many, Leeteuk oppa once asked the name of what he likes most among the many nicknames. He says most prefer the name “Gamekyu”
  14. But Kyuhyun once said if he did not want people to call if as Gamekyu. Because his parents once grumble. “Kyuhyun, why do you always play the game every day?? you grow Kyuhyun. What would happen if your job just play games on?? think about your future!!. Finally, because the words of His parents, Kyuhyun had to stop playing games. And turned a hobby into a movie. Once he said, “Lately, I often watch movies, maybe one day I could be an actor”. Because of his hobbies watching movies, he was nicknamed “Drakyu” by Leeteuk.
  15. Until now Kyuhyun still play the game. If he was playing the games, he often forgot the time. Night after work, Kyuhyun will look fresh again when he’s playing games. Zhou Mi often feel envious.
  16. Donghae often wake up in the night, because the scream Kyu. Kyu ever screamed so hard, Donghae immediately woke and approached Kyuhyun then asked what was wrong. He simply replied, “Nothing. I just lost playing games “. * Hahahahaha *
  17. Kyu  favorite game is starcraft and other games like Thousand Years, Diablo, Sudden Attack. Kyuhyun likes poisoning  other super junior members, Donghae and Heechul. Kyuhyun once said in a radio interview time, if he does not become a singer if he would be a professional Gamer. Kyuhyun also once said that “Games can make Relax.”
  18. In addition to playing games and watching, Kyuhyun also love to read books, but not the comic.
  19. Kyuhyun sleep less willing, for the sake of playing games. Kyuhyun once stopped playing games. Because that time, Kyuhyun lost the keyboard. It turns out that the keyboard is broken and hidden by Ryeowook.
  20. Kyuhyun studying at Kyunghee University, majoring in Modern Music. Though His parents want he entered hakwon.
  21. Kyuhyun really like snow. He is a good skier. So he got the nickname “Skykyu”
  22. Kyuhyun can not cook, once a time he cooked ramen for the hyungs, but because of too much water, the ramen was so soft, since then, the Kyu hyung is not allow Kyu to go to the kitchen for cooking.
  23. Kangin get confused about what to teach Kyu, because once Kyu incorrectly entered  oil when cooking a simple ham.
  24. Because can not cook, the other members of Suju  called Kyuhyun ramen as a legendof  Han River because of too much water. But  Kangin said, that Kyuhyun cuisine was actually delicious , if Kyuhyun cook for himself alone.
  25. Kyuhyun chose not like picky habits. But he does not like the same vegetables. * What does He chose not picky habits??
  26. Kyuhyun had pneumothorax disease, not because of an accident. He was had a pneumothorax disease since college.
  27. Kyuhyun close to Sungmin. Perhaps started from the time they were playing in MNET mini drama, they also once to play at KBS love family. They both told to care for the children. They also cook for the kids, because it can not cook Kyuhyun, Sungmin finally who cook. Kyuhyun also carrying a small child timidly. While Sungmin is expert with this.
  28. When joined family love KBS together with  Sungmin  , Kyuhyun show a creepy voice, through the piano. But it was the children rather than fear, even laughing. Seeing that, Kyuhyun dropped his head into his hands because shame.
  29. Kyuhyun was also greatly admired Mickey, Yoochun of TVXQ.
  30. Ever introduced himself this way “Annyeong Haseyo, I’m Kyuhyun with age below average member of Super Junior”. Because of what he said, automatically everyone laugh in the studio.
    Continues in SBS Intimate Note, he’s just saying “Kyuhyun imnida” for some twenty minutes in the beginning of the show. In Intimate Note, Kim Gura asked where Kyuhyun lived, Kyuhyun simply replied “Kyuhyun imnida”.
  31. Kyuhyun is really hard to resist.
  32. Kyuhyun is very good at playing the clarinet. He played clarinet since 12th grade. He was can also play the piano. In “Boys in the city” Kyuhyun said if he wanted to learn to play the saxophone.
  33. Kyuhyun’s cell phone necklace was a gift from Yesung Oppa.
  34. Once had an accident in April 2007 together with Eunhyuk, Leetuk, Shindong and had to be hospitalized and the vacuum of Super Junior for several months. Kyuhyun suffered severe injuries. he sat next to the driver.
  35. Lee Soo Man once cancel his schedule to visit the USA, it was because him wanted to see Kyuhyun in the hospital after the accident.
  36. Kyuhyun Really love  Heechul. Because at the time he was hospitalized because of an accident, Heechul was the one who always visit Kyuhyun every day.  when Kyuhyun conscious, Heechul who always accompany him in the hospital.
  37. When he was in college, Kyu was greedy, so his cheeks so chubby. But after debuting,  Kyuhyun become thin like Eunhyuk, and the accident made his weight dropped 20 pounds. * you still really handsome oppa ^ ^
  38. Since the accident, Kyuhyun conditions was fluctuating, automatically the Hyungs  pay more attention for him. Kyuhyun often slightly acting. He was once pretended  told not feeling well, if it were so, the Hyungs panicked. Kyuhyun said, there are at least 6-10 people asked him, whether Kyuhyun okay?? *you’re still evil even you’re sick.. ckckck..
  39. Kyuhyun very grateful to his father, because still fight for his singing career (when going operations the esophagus, his can lead to damaged vocal cords) when he almost lost his life during an accident. Whereas before, his father had opposed Kyu  wants to be a singer (Strong Heart ep ..) * moved .. T.T
  40. When he just join, because of limited space in the dorm, Kyuhyun not have a place to sleep. He was lived in a tent for several months. The fans say they want to buy a bed for Kyuhyun. This makes the manager was shocked. So they go to buy a bed. Feeling proud of his new bed, Kyu taking photos of a bed and posted on the Internet. Even so, the Hyungs said, that Kyuhyun really loves his first tent. He was upset if his tent is held, especially discarded.
  41. Kyuhyun could not drive a car or motorcycle.
  42. When in Easy Magazine Interview (2008), Kyuhyun says if he had  long time, he would pass the day by going into space.
  43. Kyuhyun once told when Interview, if he was wanted to jump into Hollywood.
  44. He was once winning Olympic math, and won the gold medal. But the Kyu achievement is often doubted by  hyung, because Kyu once pressed the wrong elevator number 12 to 21. The story is, One day when Super Junior members go home that night, to their apartment. Kyuhyun pressed the button for the elevator to their apartment on the 12th floor. Reached the front door, they were surprised because the door of their apartment, which full of graffiti from fans, being clean. Also The door can not be opened. After checking, they turned out to be on the floor 21 instead of 12. *I think he was so sleepy..
  45. Kyuhyun always doing math problems to spend leisure time. * OMG O_0
  46. Many people say if Kyuhyun similar to the artist Choi Sung Gook. He said his teeth and his smile is similar to Choi Sung Gook.
  47. Ryewook said that Kyuhyun was  cute. * agree at Ryewook oppa *. Although sometimes his cute was outrageous. Each he got a mountain of gifts from fans, Kyuhyun always surprised. Like he’s not aware if he was one of the most fans. Ryewook want to have behavior like Kyuhyun.
  48. Kyuhyun is One member of Super Junior, that philosopher and religious. Kangin once said to Members of Suju “You Should listen to Hyung’s words!” .. when Kyuhyun were talking about philosophy.
  49. When Kyu asked ‘who is the only person that you want to say thank you? “… Then Kyu replied if I choose only one between my father and my mother, one of them surely will be angry. So I’m going to pick my sister whose age difference of 2 years above me. my sister was very pretty. She always thought of and called me as her son. Every time I sit down at the computer, she will run away, kissed and hugged me. Now she is studying abroad. Each returning to Korea, she always bought me gifts. Other members say, they envy me, I have a a good  and prettyolder sister, and hope they have a sister as perfect as my sister.
  50. While sleep,Kyuhyun snoring  loudly “Kyu admit himself”. So if Kyuhyun already slept , Super Junior other member  use a pillow over Kyuhyun’s head. Kyuhyun said, he likes to drool while sleeping * huh?? *
  51. Kyu Believe the Christmas story that when the children put stockings at Christmas, then it will given a gift by Santa. Then, Kyu got an idea, he puts his loose jeans instead of socks, because he thinks socks is not big enough for the gift that he wants. * This idea should be followed … hehehe *
  52. Kyuhyun was obsessed with the historical the drama. When Jumong movie aired on Korean tv for 10 months by the number of 81 episodes, with  his loyal, he was watching  the drama, do not miss even an episode. Then Kyuhyun finally got the nickname “Kyumong”. He also likes to watch dramas such as Love in Paris, The Big Swindle, My Sassy Girl, Dae Jo yeong. Because he like My Sassy Girl, he got to memorize the songs.
  53. On one events, KBS Star Golden Bell, Super Junior is the guest star. This event brought the topic. “Now I’m a celebrity”. Then Kyu said “but people do not know me”. First 3 months of being members of Suju, when Kyu was walking, going to visit a neighbor. Then Kyu think, whether people will know me?? “. Suddenly there are two girls kept following him. He thought they would ask for autographs. And it turns out they actually ask Kyu to buy cigarettes.*poor Kyu.. 😦
  54. Kyuhyun is the 3rd richest among Super Junior member. After the first richest Siwon, and Sungmin second richest
  55. They said Kyu had slapped SNSD Jessica because  Eonni call Kyuhyun”pumpkin”.
  56. Kyuhyun Thailand’s most sentence like: Rak Na Dek Ngo (I love you sweet girl). *thanks Kyu! *
  57. Kyuhyun favorite colors was Blue, Black, White.
  58. Kyuhyun ideal type of girl: long-haired, round-eyed, beautiful legs and always cares for him, plus faithful. * I really his type … hehehe (directly attacked olehSparkyu) *
  59. Kyuhyun China sentences like the most  Wo Bu Hui Han Yu (I do not speak Mandarin), Tai Bu Xiang Hua Le and Fuwuyuar (waiter), (most fluent when Kyuhyun said Fuwuyuar). He’s ever been in  chinese restaurant. his food already gone, and he talked aloud “Fuwuyuar”. When the servant came and asked him with Chinese, Kyuhyun are confused about what to answer because Oppa not fluent in Chinese yet. *hahahaaa.. sotoy lu Kyu!
  60. Kyuhyun was the one that most can not resist laughing. The first evidence: Once  was he can not hold back his laughing, he made ​​Zhoumi embarrassed. When the shooting SJ-M who sang Blue Tomorrow on China television . Well, when Zhoumi feeling unwell. When Zhoumi singing a high-pitched of his part, the sound is not up and be very fals. Kyu can not hold his laughter, until finally Kyu singing part was taken over by Ryeowook and Kyu did not stop laughing until the song finished. But after that, Kyu giving his hyung (Zhoumi) hugs.
    The second proof: Once also when it is a live show Evergreen Concert, Super Junior performed the song Sorry Sorry and when Eunhyuk was not there. Surprisingly, why Kyu was appointed to replace Eunhyuk as break dancer? Why not Donghae or Heechul who better at it? We know that Kyu is not very good at dancing, so its became a weird dance. Kyu even laughed at himself. Wookie look at Kyu, grinning. Hangeng saw Kyu briefly. Wonnie saw Kyu plays his hand. Donghae also want to laugh, Yesung actually already laughing out loud. Though it was on stage.
  61. Kyuhyun was fascinated with actress Kim Tae Hae and Jun Ji Hyun.
  62. Kyu Hyun has a spicy waffle (if he is angry).
  63. Kyuhyun once said, when in star golden bell challenge (May 2009), Shin Hye Sung  was his favorite SHINHWA member . Kyuhyun ever introduced because the  same type of Kyu, the true gamer. But a few minutes later Kyuhyun immediately said that ANDY was his favorite member .
  64. Kyuhyun turned out to idolize singers Sung Si Kyung and Lee Sok Ra. So Kyuhyun really like imitating Sung Si Kyung voice that to say “Jal Jayo”. While in the interview, he also said that he was equally idolized singer A-mei from Taiwan.
  65. Kyuhyun’s favorite food: chopped pork, seafood, and jajangmyeon.
  66. Kyuhyun favorite movie: “The Constitution of Crime” and “Romeo & Juliet”.
  67. His favorite song in Super Junior M: MIRACLE.
  68. Kyuhyun really like learning English.
  69. Kyuhyun often sing the song “NAYOSEUMYEON” (If It Was Me),,,, (if in order to sing the song he would choose it to sing).
  70. Kyuhyun was a quiet man, but when he invited to talk about the game, he can talk at length.
  71. Kyuhyun liked Yujacha than regular tea or soda.
  72. Close to Sungmin and ever answer the question of ELF in UFOtown.com
    Q: “How do I get  Kyu-oppa heart?”
    Kyuhyun: “I do not know. But if you want to get it, you have to ask permission from Sungmin “.
  73. Occupy  2nd in the highest IQ in Super Junior who first position occupied by Kibum who has an IQ of 138.
  74. The type of guy who can make girls  hearts melt, only with his silence and his melodious voice.
  75. Kyuhyun Entry 2 sub-group in Super Junior, Super Junior – M (with Hankyung, Shiwon, Ryeowook, Donghae, Zhoumi and Henry) and KRY (contains the vocal play in the Super Junior Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung).
  76. Kyuhyun Favorite brand  is Doublesice.
  77. Kyuhyun ever cried, because publicly scolded by Leeteuk. This happens because of he disturbing a sleeping Leeteuk. Yet when it was not just him who disrupt, Donghae and Eunhyuk also interfere with Leeteuk before Kyu came. But because he newly arrived, and He is the most recent disturbing Leeteuk, he finally got Teukie oppa scolding. * poor Kyu .
  78. When shooting for Boys In City 2 in Tokyo, Kyuhyun caught sleeping on the subway while drooling! This case already not unusual anymore anyway, since Kyuhyun likes to sleep while drooling if tired-_-
  79. When he first joined SJ, Kyuhyun said if he idolized at Donghae. Even until now he arguably fits into Donghae younger brother. (Donghwa want to put where if Kyuhyun  became Donghae brother-_-)
  80. Although his roomate is Sungmin, he turned most close with Shindong, you know! Until now they often go together, go everywhere together, even bath together!!!
  81. When interviewed, Shindong who often bathe together with Kyuhyun said, KYU has a big ass!!! * ran to the bathroom, where kyu and shindong bath *
  82. Kyuhyun like to wake up in the night, and moved to the other member room . This ever happened to Yesung. At midnight, Kyuhyun with closed eyes, he walked like ghost, to Yesung room. By morning, he woke Yesung and innocently asked, “Hyung, why did I get here?”
  83. Kyuhyun would rather use phone which the Android OS (I do not regret select Android ^ ^)
  84. Kyuhyun  ever damage Yesung laptop, you know! -_-“This happened in the year 2008, Kyu would use Yesung laptop to play , who had just returned from SUKIRA. Then he said to Yesung. Innocently, Yesung giving his laptop into that evil child hands. When already turned on, it turns out there is a password .  He was too lazy to asked Yesung, what is his password. Starting from the Yesung original name , Yesung pet name , Yesung younger brother name, Kyu tried all sorts of passwords to open that Laptop, but still can not. And did you know? Finally the laptop was blocked because he always enter the wrong password. As if nothing happened, Kyuhyun  returns  Yesung laptop while saying “Hyung, your laptop dies.” Once again Yesung innocently accept it and intend to repair his laptop tomorrow, without the slightest suspicion on the act of his evil dongsaeng .
  85. Kyuhyun always feel, he is Eunhyuk older brother! Eunhyuk often feel irritated to his evil magnae SJ. Each Eunhyuk joked, surely the others laughing and Kyuhyun would say “What’s that funny?” * pull Kyu ear
  86. Just like Leeteuk, Kyuhyun also maniacs in white color. In fact, he ever wearing the same white shirt as much as 5-6 times while in the dorm, because if he’s not willing to wash his shirt-_-“
  87. When broadcast at SUKIRA with Shindong, Kyuhyun which boring, because not invited to talk at his hyung, backrest while  managed to look cute boring: inflated his cheeks. Initially, he had borrowed hp Shindong briefly, but returned again. Shindong which knew that Kyuhyun boring, directly teasing “You look like a freak and stupid with a face like that.” Kyuhyun which knew that he teasing, even laughing  as he hid his face use script-_-
  88. Kyuhyun HAVE 5 LAPTOPs, 2 of them FULLY LOADED BY GAME!!! * ckckckck ..
  89. Special call from Kangin to Kyuhyun was  ​​Hyun-ah
  90. Looks like it is basically the nature Kyuhyun is jealous. When he saw Ryeowook been fixing Henry mic , Kyuhyun directly pretended to fix  Ryeowook mic, so Henry will jealous of him ^ ^
  91. Kyuhyun was recognized as a Playboy member  in SJ. Because he had a list of the most ex-girlfriends. But all  Kyuhyun ex-girlfriends  were pretty and cute 0.O (like Yoona maybe?) But since his debut at SJ, Kyuhyun never appeared in entertaiment, being alone with a girl.
  92. Kyuhyun once ever purchase a motor sport. But not long after, the bike is sold and he bought a car.
  93. Kyuhyun had a small scar on his shoulders because once fell down at the age of 7 years
  94. Kyuhyun was the most white members in SJ (you washed clean by your mother, right kyu?. _.) After Marry U-debut , he looked really pale because of tired, poor maknae: ‘(
  95. Kyuhyun did not smoke because its not good for his respiratory
  96. Kyuhyun Cyworld account password ever use super junior name, but was changed because of ever getting caught and hacked.
  97. He had ever a kiss once, and its with his first girlfriend. After that he never kissed his next girlfriends ^ ^
  98. At first, Kyuhyun did not want to admit that he was gamers. He’s ever photographed by a netizen during game play. When he knew, he directly hides his game player and says “I just play the game this time anyway”
  99. When initial debut, Kyuhun can not sing and dancing. So he had to learn and feel stress that his brothers so talented. But look now, Kyu dance and voice  also nominated for the top 4 anyway ^ ^
  100. Kyuhyun was not going to find girlfriends again, but directly look for a wife who would accompany he until the end later.
  101. Kyu had gang named Kyu-Line. The members are Shim Changmin (TVXQ maknae), Choi Minho (SHINee) and Jonghoon (CNBLUE). * Kyu smart once, looking for that handsome-looking.
  102. Kyu Pronounciaton is good when singing in any language, but not when it comes to everyday language * how come??
  103. At first introduction, Kyu told Victoria to call him “oppa”, only recently he know that Victoria is older than Kyu. * ckckck ..
  104. Kyuhyun was endowed with incredible sound. This sound is what led him to become the 13th member of Super Junior. He only armed with his voice. He did not have (initially) the ability of dancing and acting. And the first 10 of the 12 members of Suju that already formed, They  refused Kyu to join, even fans of Super Junior reject it out. At last, Kyuhyun entered as one of the main vocal Suju, along with Yesung and Ryeowook. Kyuhyun voice suited to sing a variety of music genres. Ballads sung by him with a very unusual and makes goosebumps, up beat songs, rap,  even rock songs, very pleasing to hear when Kyuhyun sang it. In addition to Suju main vocal , Kyu also often be a backing vocalist for the other members. Until finally Kyuhyun, Ryeowook with Yesung made ​​sub group named their first name initials, KRY. Even the late 2010’s, Kyuhyun was involved in a new group SM, SM The Ballad, which consists of SM singers with vocal ability above average along with Trax Jay, SHINee’s Jonghyun, and Jino Cho, a trainee in SM. They’ve put out one album titled 너무 그리워 (Neomu Geuriwo) with 5 songs on it.
  105. Kyuhyun had the opportunity to sing solo very much. Kyu sang some drama soundtracks such as Hope Is A Dream That Does not Sleep for drama Baker King, Kim Tak Gu (저 빵 왕 김 탁 구), Listen to You for drama Pasta, The Way to Break Up (헤어지 는 방봅) for drama starring Siwon, Poseidon and the latest drama titled Inoo for God of War, and recently Just Once for ost drama The Great Seer.
  106. Ryeowook and Kyuhyun also collaborated Sungmin, they sang the song My Lips bitting to Ost. Drama President where Sungmin as one of his cast. Additionally Kyu also duet with Yesung to sing one song in the album titled fourth Suju Your Eyes.
  107. Kyu’s acting skills can not be underestimated. The evidence, Kyuhyun has participated in two musicals. First “The Three Musketeers” as D’Artagnan, and now in “Catch Me If You Can” as Frank. Both are as the protagonist  main character. From the first musical (December 2010),  Kyuhyun won Rising Musical Award in the Golden Ticket , in which the award is determined based on 70% of ticket sales and 30% of the online voting. And from the last musical, Kyuhyun was nominated for the category  Popular Male Star Award in 2012 and was held on June 4. That is, Kyu can do many things. Kyu popularity is already beyond a reasonable doubt. Some time ago, MTVK has conducted a poll for # 1 K-Pop Magnae, and the result is Super Junior’s Kyuhyun!
  108. Kyuhyun and his game are inseparable. Everyone knows that. Kyu really upset if there is bothered him while he was Gaming. Usually when Yesung noisy and disturbed Kyu, Kyu will pause the game. Because too lazy to talk (because annoyed), Kyu will send sms at Yesung “Hyung! So Noisy! “. Kyu did not know the place, wherever he can play, even before the concert though. When interviewed he said “Usually I do not ever play the game! For the first time I played the game and you see it. Actually, I’d rather read a book than play the game before a concert to relieve nervous. Kkk. “Hahaha, so the actual goods shall be brought by Kyu, is a laptop or a PSP maybe, in addition to MP3 players, toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as  ELF love^ ^ From his love of playing the game, even rumored that Kyu has the ability to play games  that equivalent with professional gamers. His ability was recognized even then one of the professional gamer Seo Kyung Jeong.
  109. Beyond that, Kyuhyun is an intelligent man. He has Outstanding academic ability, with a number of academic awards he received during school. In fact, he graduated top in his high school and was accepted at the prestigious university with top marks in all subjects and additional subjects. No wonder, if Kyuhyun was recently crowned as the School Idol legend. Even Bugs Music held a vote for the most suitable category of singers who wear school uniforms, and Kyuhyun was at the top with the acquisition of more than 50% of the vote. That’s because having Kyu image as a good student. Again even Kyu was also selected as a suitable idol to be a teacher.
  110. Kyu has the nickname The Son of Mom’s Friend is a term to describe a person who could do anything. Originally from people who could not dancing and always looks stiff when dancing, Kyuhyun now often seen as the main dancer in every Suju MV along with EunHyuk, Donghae, Shindong. Even in Dance Battle events, Kyu is one of 5 people who represent Suju. Kyu is also adept at playing musical instruments. He ever sang chinese song titled The Moon Represents My Heart and add the beautiful Clarinet music to ot. Recently in Super Show 4, Kyuhyun plays the harmonica very well when singing Is not She Lovely by Stevie Wonder. Kyu can also play the piano, and Kyu said that he wanted learn to play Saxophone.
  111. In the field of sports, Kyuhyun is also not bad. He formerly was a Goalkeeper in his high school football team. Perhaps because of an accident and multiple surgeries, resulting in Kyuhyun look like a boy hospital. In the event campionship Idol Star Athletic in 2011, Kyu participate in the 100m sprint with Minho, he could actually get a second rank after Minho. He also represented his team for a relay race and got the second rank. And when on Suju M show in China, his hand speed and his other limbs also exceptional in some games. In a short time, Kyu could  shows his new talent. Hehe. Kyuhyun intelligence may cause rapid learning.
  112. Kyuhyun close with Park Jae Bum (Jae Bum 2PM ex leader), probably since their participation in the event Immortal Song Season 2. Jae Bum said they were both quite often go out for a drink together or just chatting. He said they both also talked about their lives and sometimes talking girl haha. Mature kyu ^ ^. Even recently Jae Bum also come to  Kyuhyun musical “Catch Me If You Can.”
  113. In Kyuhyun participation  at Immortal Song 2, Kyuhyun won 2 weeks in a row. First when Kyu collaborating with Jungmo , Trax guitarist . At that appearance, Kyu decided to perform the song rock 가장 무도회 / Masquerade (Gajang Mudohwei). And the second, Kyu invites her sister, Cho Ahra who is a violinist. Kyuhyun’s sister has been studying music in Austria and the UK. Kyuhyun said, Ahra unnie has been playing violin for 20 years. Her Violin game is so cool! Kyu sang popular songs in 1994, titled 기억 이 습작 (Gieogi Seubjak) / A Study of Memory. Totally, his appearance makes goosebumps. Kyuhyun bass voice very comfortable to hear, plus harmonizing violin the older sister succeeded in making me almost cry. Cool! When the two sibling was performed, Kyu parents also came . Their Expression looked both proud. And most make me thrilled, when the end after the announcement of winning Kyu, Kyuhyun says “I won because Noona and I’m very grateful to her. I’ve never performed with her ​​before this, and although I could not see her (because Ahra unnie play violin behind Kyu), her presence behind me gave me a lot of strength.” So, someone like Kyuhyun also feel comfortable and calm, also was guarded by his noona. Well, considering that Ahra  Unnie even treated Kyu like a child. Ahra Unnie really love Kyu >. <  And Kyu are also very proud of his noona.
  114. Although his attitude extraordinary evil, Kyuhyun also a regular magnae who sometimes wants to be pampered. The characteristics if Kyu’re looking to be pampered, he will suddenly embrace people without cause. Kyuhyun ever suddenly  hug Yesung from behind. Yesung  know Kyuhyun want to be pampered. Although Kyuhyun was very frustrating and very annoying to him though. Yesung  still indulging Kyuhyun. Hahaha. *Yesung oppa too good..
  115. Kyuhyun undergo a fairly short period of training. Which is about 3 months. Lucky he has a very strong singing talent and brains, so he’s not too difficult to catch up ..
  116. Kyuhyun once admitted in an event, the reason why he often used  bullied by his hyung was because when he on the question ‘who is the most junior member of the super handsome?’ he replied Siwon and Donghae. Since then his other hyung often bullying his. (But now the situation is reversed, Kyuhyun was the one who often bullying his hyungs ^ ^)
  117. Kyuhyun like to pushing, hitting, and patting people. Most often he would kick butt. The main victims are clearly his own hyungs in super junior. * read Shindong, because Kyu said,  Shindong oppa butt is calling him to be kicked – what the hell is this Kyu??
  118. Among the members of Super Junior, Kyuhyun said that he was most photographed with Ryeowook ^ ^
  119. Kyuhyun  really like Donghae face, according to Kyuhyun, Donghae face like animation character
  120. If he could be born again, Kyuhyun wants to have a face like Donghae, but “only” his face, Kyuhyun did not want to have a body like Donghae, because he thinks that Donghae is short * EVIIIL!
  121. Kyuhyun like to to call his hyungs (call by men for older men) in Super Junior without “Hyung” -. –
  122. When early debut, Kyuhyun cried silently as a less harmonious relationship with Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk
  123. Kyuhyun won the best dancer on the show Super Junior’s Foresight, beating Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, and Shindong * wkwkwk * do not believe this!!
  124. Kyuhyun really like Miss A Suzy song entitled “I still love you”
  125.  Kyuhyun told his Eomma that he did not like his haircut at early promotional album Sexy, Free, and Single
  126. According to Ryeowook, Kyuhyun had strange sleeping habits, he could laugh out loud before, but some time after that he can fall asleep very peacefully =. =
  127. Kyuhyun says that he ever liked a nurse, but it turns out the nurse are a fan of Eunhyuk. Kyuhyun said, “I’ll take it if he is a fan of Siwon hyung, but Eunhyuk ..” *Strong Heart episode … do you mean that Eunhyuk oppa is uglier than u Kyu???!!!
  128. Many people say that kyu is not close with Henry when starting debut with SJ-M. But the rumor was immediately disappear because kyu openly expressing his affection and attention to henry. Kyu  hugging Henry from behind when there is a concert together. Then, when in SJ-M, SJ-M members right out of the country very often. Well, once that photo showed Kyu really care at his dongsaeng, Henry. In the photo, SJM members were in the airport to the examination room. The other members are already way ahead, do not know that just henry who still lag behind them. Do u know who is watching and worried to see henry which lags far behind the other members? Yup! he is KYUHYUN .. hha … Kyu kept seeing henry behind. Until the end, Kyu stop and wait henry to be able to walk together. * evil could be care too?? *
  129. Kyu father is very hard with Kyuhyun and his sister. But comparatively, his father did to his sister harder. Because, Kyuhyun refused to become his father’s successor in the family’s foundation. So, this position is eventually dropped into the hands of his noona, Cho Ahra …. ^ ^ (kyu more choose singing like siwon)
  130. Kyuhyun secretly always keep the gifts given by ELF at SUSHOW in any country.
  131. Kyu really like  with Kibum body odor! Because this, Kyu like to standing near Kibum secretly though, Kibum was never suspicious. According to kyu, if he was near Kibum hyung, Kyu will be reminded of his father. Because Kibum has the same odor as his father. One day, while Kibum is visiting the dorm , Kyu immediately asked Kibum to sleep with him! The reason is, because he could be close and smell Kibum body odor that made ​​cure his homesickness on his father.
  132. Because of the joy in the game, back when he was elementary school, when home from school, his friends often invite him to play, and he refused his friends for the sake of playing the game. “Kyuhyun, come play into my house” his friend said. Kyu will replied “Sorry, my mother told me not to play now” * huahaha. Since little is good at deceiving people *
  133. Lee Teuk most afraid of Kyuhyun. * how come? whereas older is Lee Teuk?? *. In the  Superjunior Foresight event, which at that time Kyuhyun was absent as MC , Leeteuk has a chance to shed his grievance. “If asked to choose, I’m most afraid of Kyuhyun!” ~ And then immediately they played earlier episode, which demonstrated Kyuhyun dancing skills to the full fury stomp the floor with his boxing stance during the trainee, when he remembered ever having a bad experience about cooking who “insulted” by Leeteuk * ohh it’s the story …
  134. Kyuhyun once a fight with Sungmin, because of the time Sungmin calling, kyu just saying “see you later hyung” and kyu immediately hang up. * seriously
  135. Yesung is the most concerned when Kyuhyun had an accident. He already considers Kyuhyun as his brother, because Kyuhyun age is different only 1 year with his brother (Kim Jong Jin birth 89). He fled to the church to pray only for Kyuhyun. And he also promised that if Kyuhyun recovered, he will not be angry at Kyuhyun again if Kyuhyun disturb him.
  136. Kyuhyun is very close to DBSK’s Changmin and Kibum Suju! The reason is, because they are HIS OPPONENT TO PLAY GAMES.
  137. Kyuhyun once almost made Kibum cry!!! * How come? * Generally, Kyu once say like this to Kibum “Kibum hyung is the most intelligent in suju, but for being too smart, you look like a fool! Foolish for wanting to pursue that is not sure to korea …” * seriously jleb ! *
  138. Kyu was the most mischievous in Suju. Though he is the magnae. hha … but do you know, that in fact, not only Kyuhyun, who known mischievous in suju. Well, Kyuhyun perfect  couples is Kibum ! Kibum also often interfere with the other members, especially Eunhyuk. Consequently, Duo genius, Kyu and Kibum  often cooperating to disturb their hyungs  .. (Kick KyuBum!!)
  139. Kyuhyun often feel hated by Leeteuk. Once upon a time he drunk and delirious. At that time, Ryeowook openly says that when Kyu delirious, he said something like, “Hyung … I’m sad, looks like Leeteuk hyung does not like me ..”
  140. Kyuhyun once given a puppy by his noona, Cho Ahra, when he was 15 years old. However, Kyuhyun was not loves the dog. As a result makes his noona very sad.. After that, noona was forced to sell the puppy to the animal nursing.
  141. Because Kyu does not really like vegetables, Donghae sometimes   feeding Kyu vegetables although only 1 or 2 tablespoons, so Kyu will had slick skin like Donghae. But Kyu still would not eat.
  142. Kyuhyun also have a schedule for disturbing his hyungs, you know?!
    Here, I give you the schedule ^ ^ …
    But I think this schedule was made before Kangin leaving for military service , and Hangeng Drop Out …
    *) Monday: Leeteuk, Kangin
    *) Tuesday: Heechul, Han Geng, Kibum, and Siwon
    *) Wednesday: Yesung and Ryeowook
    *) Thursday: Eunhyuk and Donghae
    *) Friday: SPECIAL CHARGE Sungmin ^ ^
    *) Saturday: most of the members and also Sungmin
    *) Sunday: Kyuhyun rest and recharge  to tease his hyungs next day … ^ ^
  143. The Evil Magnae who had typical smile, like to peering into his hyung mobile phone. ^ ^
    So at an event, SJ members were asked by his MC: “Who SJ members who are peering into the other SJ members mobile phone ?” Suddenly, all the members replied: “Kyuhyun!”
    Other SJ members did not dare to open EunTeuk’s mobile phone  (Eunhyuk & Leeteuk). But only Kyuhyun who dare to open EunTeuk’s Mobile . Although their phone are protected by a password, but Kyuhyun could be open it. # Oppa too smart .. better distributed ur brain into good things, oppa .. *sigh..
  144. What Kyuhyun do with   Super Junior Mobile? Apparently, this magnae just send his songs to SJ members Mobile. The reason is: “That’s my song, so I did not put it in my mobile.” And even stranger, when Kyuhyun wants to hear his song, he would borrow one of SJ members Mobile  to listen to the song.
    In addition, Kyu also like fun, so when one member of SJ using ringtones with  Ryeowook songs, Kyu will comment: “hyung, why do not you use my song?”
  145. Yesung talked on Strong Heart in 2009. Yesung once talked, that he’s tired awakened the sleeping magnae. So once a day, Kyu chat before sleeping with Yesung. Kyu proudly says: “Calm down, hyung. I would wake up in the morning so do not wake me”. At that time, Yesung and other SJ members did not know if Kyuhyun install an alarm on his cell phone. When morning came, Yesung heard the alarm rang. Yesung run, straight to  Kyu room, and saw Kyu is still sleeping in his bed. Until finally Yesung commented: “I’m tired of facing him (Kyuhyun).”
  146. Only Kyuhyun, who did not talked his favorite pose when photographed. When Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Leeteuk  tell about their favorite pose when photographed, Kyuhyun just dreamy and suddenly says “when you guys set up a discussion like this?”. made three of them in shock.
  147. Kyuhyun often say “my nickname is DancingKyu”.
    Yesung admitted his singing skills, also KRY singing skills . But not with his dancing skills. Yesung admitted that between KRY, nothing really good at dancing, but the Magnae,  did not agree with Yesung statement, he said: “I’m sorry. What? recently my nickname is DancingKyu “he said.
    Yesung were not want to lose, said that their dance is still not as good as the others, that is Eunhyuk, Donghae and Shindong.
    Kyuhyun is still insisted and said that at least he’s better than Yesung and Ryeowook.
    “I’m one of 4 main dancer in 4jib”
    Yesung,  who heard Kyuhyun answer, very disappointed and had to answer “Yes”. And … you know for sure what Kyu was doing when such…?? (Smiling of the victory)
  148. Once foolish of the evil magnae at his hyungs, proven in Concert Super Show 3 in Seoul. When ending, the members gathered on stage, suddenly Kyu throws the rolled paper  towards Donghae and after that he smacked his hyungs’s head. Kyu prank continues with water spouting from his mouth to Sungmin’s face and got high fives from other hyungs. The next target is the Leader Suju Eeteuk. When other members flushed Eeteuk  with bottles of drinking water, not with Kyu, he was immediately spouted from his mouth to his eldest Hyung.
  149. At the time of the interview one of the SMTOWN concert, Eunhyuk asked about the frequency of he topless on the stage, but Eunhyuk said, but most often topless in dorm is Kyuhyun. If Eunhyuk just do it on the the stage only. Eunhyuk said to ELF, ELF just try to ask Kyu for topless on the stage (Omoooo.. Really oppa??). Kyu who heard Eunhyuk say like that, replied “It will be a commotion if I’m topless ..” * Kyu really does confidence  .. ckckckck ..
  150. Kyu seems was really happy become a hyung, he shows his side as hyung on Henry in Happy Together. Ranging from setting up Henry sauna towel, keeping Henry mouth who keep mistake talking, till fix Henry sandals ?? * I moved oppa .. T.T
  151. Goguma Pizza (pizza that uses potatoes instead of flour) is a Kyuhyun food creations . Goguma pizza is the only delicious dishes that can be made ​​by Kyuhyun (recognized by its host Happy Together), but unfortunately lost by Hyuna. * it’s okay oppa .. the important thing is to cook even a little.
  152. Kyuhun is 4minute Hyuna fans (Kyu oppa said, this is the unofficial statement, because he had never make an official statement like that). * so if you want to become a fans, you should make an official statements first, oppa???.. O.0

Super Show 5 INA – Photograph & FANCAM from Standing Section



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Here’s the link of photograph.. I was standing at the front, so I close enough to get photographs.. enjoy it!








Okay.. now let’s check the fancam.. 🙂