BackPacker to Kiluan Bay? Lampung Indonesia

This time we went to Kiluan!!


Beautifull Sunset at Teluk Kiluan, Lampung, Indonesia

Trip this time, I went with my office friends. The Expenses incurred per person Rp.850.000 (include travel from Bandar Lampung-Kiluan @ Rp 470,000, plus Jakarta-Kiluan round-trip bus ticket and Ferry boats ticket VIP upgrade Merak-Bakauheni). Actually .. is practically backpacker or not .. haha .. please just read it, ok? .. kekee .. 😀

We leave from Menara Kuningan, Jakarta at 08.00 am. Arriving at the port of Merak 11:30 pm. We boarded the ship (KM Sakura) at 00.30 am and arrive in harbor Bakauheni at 05.30 am. Actually, the ship was been near Bakauheni at 2:30 am, but due to big waves, the ship can not move closer to the harbor. I do not know how exactly Ferry economy class ticket, because the committee already paid. If estimated, namely Rp 20,000-30,000 per person. On top of Ferry, we can upgrade the ticket to a better class of which Rp 8,000 per person. We will get a sharing room (sitting on the floor), use air conditioning. If you want a private room, we could rent for Rp 200,000 per room.


Bakauheuni Port View (take on Ferry)

Suggestion:  Ride bigger Ferry, because it will still be docked even though the waves were big (but longer queues). VIP upgrade Rp 10,000 per person (facility: overstuffed sofas and AC 🙂 ) but there is no private room. Better yet, if all board a flight to Bandar Lampung 😛

We came out from the port of Bakauheni around 06.15 am, then we had breakfast, and were off again to Bandar Lampung at 7:20 am. We arrived at Bandar Lampung at 10:00 am and picked up by the travel to be delivered to Kiluan. Before leaving, there are Ladies who said, this is the first bus will leave for Kiluan. I immediately think .. How badly trips to Kiluan??


Sunrise at Bakauheuni, Lampung, Indonesia

It turns out .. Trip to Kiluan is quite smooth (initially), but is roughly about 30 miles closer to Kiluan, masyaallah. (Very) Large Holes on the narrow street (right side is the cliff, the left side is the gulf) plus fluctuates. The 30 km trip, it was like riding jetcoaster with duration of more than 1 hour!!. We arrived at one house (which has a travel) at 1:45 pm to switch to smaller cars. From here, about 15 minutes to the beach with a more severe streets and smaller than before (so I understand why we change to a smaller cars). Up on the beach, we crossed the sea with jukung (small boats that is a bamboo backers on each side) to the cottage where we were staying. We arrived at Cottage at 02.30 pm. Fiuuuuhhh …
Suggestion: Better to ride the jeep, another small car, or motorcycle, do not ride the bus if you do not want to get a heart attack!


Teluk Kiluan View, Lampung, Indonesia

Summary Departure:
Jakarta – Merak: 3.5 hours (jamming in Jakarta)
Wait for the Ferry: 1 hour
Merak – Bakauheni: 5 hours
Bakauheni – Bandar Lampung: 4.5 hours (plus docked Ferry and breakfast)
Bandar Lampung – Kiluan: 4.5 hours (plus waiting for the turn to change to a smaller car)
TOTAL = 18.5 hours!!!!


Blue Ocean, Teluk Kiluan, Lampung, Indonesia

After arriving at the Cottage, we immediately had lunch and getting ready to go Pulau Kelapa for snorkeling. Kelapa Island, it turns out, is the island which is located just across from our cottage (only about 3-5 minutes ride Jukung, if you want to swim, allowed too .. kekee). There, we snorkel until the evening, while enjoying the beautiful sunset.


Sunset at Teluk Kiluan, Lampung, Indonesia

When back home, already provided grilled fish that really big. The grilled fish was prepared by the the  cottage management. Just eat :D. A campfire is also provided by the cottage management, just lit the fire .


At 06.00 am, we’ve been riding jukung to the Indian Ocean to see the dolphins. If late, dolphins already hiding. Journey to the habitat of dolphins takes approximately 3 hours round-trip. Although like riding jetcoaster second version (the waves were really big vs small jukung boats), but the misery will pay off by the fun of saw many dolphins. Following is Dolphins  video link that I uploaded to youtube.


Seeking the Dolphin, Sunrise at Indian Ocean, Indonesia

Returning from there, we had breakfast and at 00:30 PM we crossed back to the village, followed by a trip to Jakarta at 02.00 pm. We arrived in Jakarta, precisely in the way HR Rasuna Said at 04:30 AM. Will you count how long? Yuuppp .. 15 Hours!!! > This is still tolerable than the time of departure, because we use a large Ferry to cross.


See u.. 😀