BackPacker to Lombok Island Day 2, Gili Trawangan


Oh yeah, I not included CP Baleku homestay yet before, please contact Mrs Eka 282C9E26 BB pin or number 081 803 600 001, if you want to ask about the homestay or travel package. Mrs Eka is a friendly person, has a very tasty cuisine, has cheap hotels, we could asked her to  taken us anywhere for free (short distance only): P.


Gili Trawangan, Lombok, Indonesia

In the Morning, I chose the fried rice breakfast menu, while Galuh omelete which are both very good taste. Mrs. Eka offer 3 gili packages  (gili Air, gili Meno, and gili Trawangan) all day, along with snorkeling for 2 people for 450rb including rental boats and snorkeling equipment. My eyes instantly sparkling, but because Galuh do not want to go snorkel, finally we get a discount of 50rb.


As a suggestion, before adventuring in Gili, you should buy food and drinks as much as possible, because the prices on Gili could be double or more than the price in Lombok (price close to the price exceeds Jakarta). Likewise souvenirs, better to buy in Mataram, in addition to less expensive, the choice also more diverse.

We departed from Senggigi to gili Air directly using traditional boat, the trip takes approximately 1 hour. According to the guide, to snorkel, the best place is in the Air gili, so, I immediately dived to bring bread to the fish. Nice fish,,, its color varies, unfortunately I do not have an underwater camera: (


Chicken Satay with Bali Sauce,Gili Trawangan, Lombok, Indonesia


Arriving on Gili Trawangan, we were loading stuff, because we plan to stay in Gili Trawangan Baleku homestay, same price with Baleku Senggigi homestay. It is a bit far from the beach (approximately 7 minutes), but Baleku provides rental bicycles with price 25rb per day.

After putting stuff in the room, we immediately  bike around gili Trawangan (which apparently tiring) and search for food. We ate chicken satay, the peanut sauce uniquely is blended  with Balinese seasoning and the plate was made by a super large cracker   (Rp. 15,000 per serving). Oh yeah.. Do not forget the frieds (Rp.2,000 per pieces ).


Sunset on Gili Trawangan, Lombok, Indonesia

In the afternoon we cycled into sunset view at the end of the island  and dinner at the night market. Typical fish satay Lombok @ Rp5,000-10,000 per stick. For more photograps, please visit :

See u in day 3.. 😀