Boys in City 4 Paris – Super Junior Siwon

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JAKARNAVAL 2013 Part 1 – Visit Amazing Indonesia

This Carnaval is conducted by local goverment to celebrate the 486th anniversary of Jakarta (Indonesia capital city). This is one of large event besides PRJ (Pekan Raya Jakarta/ common discount shopping). Let’s check the pictures!


The First Carnival Performance was opened by Ondel-Ondel Attractions, one of Betawi Culture

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Super Show 5 INA – Photograph & FANCAM from Standing Section



Because this is my English version blog.. The blog has same contain with my another blog..

I feel quite tired if I have to upload the photos in both.. I’m so sorry.. >.<

so here I give u the link of my another blog if u wanna see the photograph and fancam in Super Junior Super Show 5 in Indonesia..

Here’s the link of photograph.. I was standing at the front, so I close enough to get photographs.. enjoy it!


Okay.. now let’s check the fancam.. 🙂





Why I should be a good person?

I am the type of person who prefers to be alone and do not care about others. I will try to help what is in front of my eyes, but not looking for what other people need around me. I do not care what happens to them.

I realized it was wrong, and I tried to change that attitude slowly because I have found the reason why I had to change it.

Holy Qur’an in my religion, says “You all should help each other in virtue and Taqwa, and please do not be helped in sins and crimes”

I once thought, for what reason I have to do good to others? (other than the reward of God is the same in return) anyway I do not care if they will be kind to me or not? I prefer to be alone without any interference from others.

I thought everyone did artificiality with helping others. I think behind all of that they certainly expecting that either directly or indirectly, that a euphemism nowadays called “Finding Connection” or “Create Network”.

I often hear these words come out from people’s mouths. So what difference does it make to the expectation of reward? I immediately decided that all attention is merely forms of FAKE.

I keep thinking and looking for a reason to do good to others, and one day, thinking about the falsity, now changed completely. I have found one of the reasons why I have to do good and help others, that is ..

“I love to see people smile and laugh because of me .. because what I have done to them ..”

At first I did not realize it. One day I was happy to see my parents smile because of the things I do. From that moment, I realized why I had to do good, to do as much as possible .. Because my parents smile .. they smile .. who encouraged me until now …