My Darkest Side

My Darkest Side

I was walking alone..

Thinking that they know nothing about me..

If I tell them.. If I confess..

What would they do?

Do they still remain here with me?

I’m so curious about that…



Halal Food in Bangkok, Thailand

Previously I Backpacked to Bangkok from the 1-5 November 2013 , we decided to arrange our own schedules, hotel bookings as well.

We stayed in one of the backpacker hostels “Lucky House” in the Khaosan Road area with room rates of approximately USD 7 per night for 2 people with bathroom inside. The price was including wifi. The hotel is quite satisfying, the employees are friendly and the hostel is clean . If u wanna book, you can immediately see the link below:

The only difficulty is to find  halal food in Bangkok. Some of  blogs that I visit rarely mention the location of halal food in Bangkok. Therefore, I try to share to you guys, some halal food places that I met there.

Around the Grand Palace and Wat Arun Temple
Some restaurant that I visited, all serves pork. Some merchants do not understand English so that they do not understand if I say “No Pork”. My advice, use the word “Mu” which means pork. Some of halal food around the Grand Palace as:

1. Grilled Squid (80 baht), located in front of the station Tha Tien Pier, boat station for the crossing to Wat Arun. In addition to squid, there was prawns  too.

Grilled Squid Seller

Grilled Squid Seller

Grilled Squid with Thai Sauces

Grilled Squid with Thai Sauces

2. Pad Thai, not all of pad thai  is halal, I only found one place behind the seller grilled squid, at Tha Tien Pier boat station.

Pad Thai Seller

Pad Thai Seller

3. Coconut ice cream, the ice cream that given a coconut container. The ice cream is also made ​​of young coconut.

Coconut Ice Cream

Coconut Ice Cream

4. Fried Chicken with Sticky Rice, the food we found after walking around looking for of halal food. I think that this is the most delicious fried chicken I’ve ever eaten despite its hard sticky rice . / wahaha

Fried Chicken with Sticky Rice

Fried Chicken with Sticky Rice


Around Khaosan Road

Around Khaosan Road there was a few places of halal food, if you want to look for, you will surely find of halal food places 🙂

Around Khaosan Road Map

Around Khaosan Road Map

1. KFC, that is less evident, if you are unsure merchants use lard or not, it is better avoided.

2. Beef Noodle (40 baht), located in the Moslem Food, at the end of the road Khaosan Road. Besides beef noodle, this restaurant also provides other menus, such as nasi briyani. The restaurant is small like a regular street hawkers, but do not see from the size of the restaurant, their beef noodle was really yummy anyway 🙂

Moslem Food Resto

Moslem Food Resto

Beef Noodle

Beef Noodle

Ice Tea

Ice Tea

3. Turkey Kebab (60 Baht), well that is quite easy to find, and tasty too. It’s different with a kebab in Indonesia. You should try it!

Turkey Kebab

Turkey Kebab

4. New Taj Mahal, Indian Halal Restaurant, prices at this restaurant quite expensive. Not a street hawkers. The location of this restaurant on the street next to Khaosan Road, a bit in the middle, but I forget exactly, hahaa .. Here provides various types of Indian food. Curry was obviously the main menu yaaa .. 🙂

Indian Food, Fish n Chips, Onion Ring, Kebab

Indian Food, Fish n Chips, Onion Ring, Kebab

Indian Resto (Halal)

Indian Resto (Halal)


5. Snacks, halal snacks  that we encountered is Seven Eleven fish snack, in addition, many drinks also were labeled halal , like Nescafe Coffee.
Taro Fish Snack (Halal)

Taro Fish Snack (Halal)

Around the Chatuchak Weekend Market

In Chatuchak, we just went to a restaurant that has been labeled halal and also try Sticky Mango, there’s no intention to culinary tour because our focus is SHOPPING!! / hahaha

Sorry dont know the name because use Thai language (which is important there was halal label). This restaurant has a fairly complete menu such as Rice Briyani, Beef Noodle, Pad Thai, Tom Yum, etc with a variety of drinks as well. I get confused want to eat anything. For those that have a little size of the meal, be careful, because the portion of the food here is super huge.

DSC01338 DSC01343

My Briyani Rice with Thai Sauces

My Briyani Rice with Thai Sauces

Sticky Mango (Sticky Rice with Mango and Milk Sauces)

Sticky Mango (Sticky Rice with Mango and Milk Sauces)



In asiatique we ate at KFC and tried mochi ice cream (the seller says halal)

Mochi Ice Cream Merchant

Mochi Ice Cream Merchant

My Choco Mochi Ice Cream

My Choco Mochi Ice Cream



Halal Food in MBK quite easy to find, many Halal restaurant located on the 5th floor such as Foodcourt etc., or on the ground floor.

Welcome drink (Milk Tea) on 5th Foodcourt, just show ur passport :)

Welcome drink (Milk Tea) on 5th Foodcourt, just show ur passport 🙂


BackPacker to Kiluan Bay? Lampung Indonesia

This time we went to Kiluan!!


Beautifull Sunset at Teluk Kiluan, Lampung, Indonesia

Trip this time, I went with my office friends. The Expenses incurred per person Rp.850.000 (include travel from Bandar Lampung-Kiluan @ Rp 470,000, plus Jakarta-Kiluan round-trip bus ticket and Ferry boats ticket VIP upgrade Merak-Bakauheni). Actually .. is practically backpacker or not .. haha .. please just read it, ok? .. kekee .. 😀

We leave from Menara Kuningan, Jakarta at 08.00 am. Arriving at the port of Merak 11:30 pm. We boarded the ship (KM Sakura) at 00.30 am and arrive in harbor Bakauheni at 05.30 am. Actually, the ship was been near Bakauheni at 2:30 am, but due to big waves, the ship can not move closer to the harbor. I do not know how exactly Ferry economy class ticket, because the committee already paid. If estimated, namely Rp 20,000-30,000 per person. On top of Ferry, we can upgrade the ticket to a better class of which Rp 8,000 per person. We will get a sharing room (sitting on the floor), use air conditioning. If you want a private room, we could rent for Rp 200,000 per room.


Bakauheuni Port View (take on Ferry)

Suggestion:  Ride bigger Ferry, because it will still be docked even though the waves were big (but longer queues). VIP upgrade Rp 10,000 per person (facility: overstuffed sofas and AC 🙂 ) but there is no private room. Better yet, if all board a flight to Bandar Lampung 😛

We came out from the port of Bakauheni around 06.15 am, then we had breakfast, and were off again to Bandar Lampung at 7:20 am. We arrived at Bandar Lampung at 10:00 am and picked up by the travel to be delivered to Kiluan. Before leaving, there are Ladies who said, this is the first bus will leave for Kiluan. I immediately think .. How badly trips to Kiluan??


Sunrise at Bakauheuni, Lampung, Indonesia

It turns out .. Trip to Kiluan is quite smooth (initially), but is roughly about 30 miles closer to Kiluan, masyaallah. (Very) Large Holes on the narrow street (right side is the cliff, the left side is the gulf) plus fluctuates. The 30 km trip, it was like riding jetcoaster with duration of more than 1 hour!!. We arrived at one house (which has a travel) at 1:45 pm to switch to smaller cars. From here, about 15 minutes to the beach with a more severe streets and smaller than before (so I understand why we change to a smaller cars). Up on the beach, we crossed the sea with jukung (small boats that is a bamboo backers on each side) to the cottage where we were staying. We arrived at Cottage at 02.30 pm. Fiuuuuhhh …
Suggestion: Better to ride the jeep, another small car, or motorcycle, do not ride the bus if you do not want to get a heart attack!


Teluk Kiluan View, Lampung, Indonesia

Summary Departure:
Jakarta – Merak: 3.5 hours (jamming in Jakarta)
Wait for the Ferry: 1 hour
Merak – Bakauheni: 5 hours
Bakauheni – Bandar Lampung: 4.5 hours (plus docked Ferry and breakfast)
Bandar Lampung – Kiluan: 4.5 hours (plus waiting for the turn to change to a smaller car)
TOTAL = 18.5 hours!!!!


Blue Ocean, Teluk Kiluan, Lampung, Indonesia

After arriving at the Cottage, we immediately had lunch and getting ready to go Pulau Kelapa for snorkeling. Kelapa Island, it turns out, is the island which is located just across from our cottage (only about 3-5 minutes ride Jukung, if you want to swim, allowed too .. kekee). There, we snorkel until the evening, while enjoying the beautiful sunset.


Sunset at Teluk Kiluan, Lampung, Indonesia

When back home, already provided grilled fish that really big. The grilled fish was prepared by the the  cottage management. Just eat :D. A campfire is also provided by the cottage management, just lit the fire .


At 06.00 am, we’ve been riding jukung to the Indian Ocean to see the dolphins. If late, dolphins already hiding. Journey to the habitat of dolphins takes approximately 3 hours round-trip. Although like riding jetcoaster second version (the waves were really big vs small jukung boats), but the misery will pay off by the fun of saw many dolphins. Following is Dolphins  video link that I uploaded to youtube.


Seeking the Dolphin, Sunrise at Indian Ocean, Indonesia

Returning from there, we had breakfast and at 00:30 PM we crossed back to the village, followed by a trip to Jakarta at 02.00 pm. We arrived in Jakarta, precisely in the way HR Rasuna Said at 04:30 AM. Will you count how long? Yuuppp .. 15 Hours!!! > This is still tolerable than the time of departure, because we use a large Ferry to cross.


See u.. 😀


BackPacker to Lombok Island Day 2, Gili Trawangan


Oh yeah, I not included CP Baleku homestay yet before, please contact Mrs Eka 282C9E26 BB pin or number 081 803 600 001, if you want to ask about the homestay or travel package. Mrs Eka is a friendly person, has a very tasty cuisine, has cheap hotels, we could asked her to  taken us anywhere for free (short distance only): P.


Gili Trawangan, Lombok, Indonesia

In the Morning, I chose the fried rice breakfast menu, while Galuh omelete which are both very good taste. Mrs. Eka offer 3 gili packages  (gili Air, gili Meno, and gili Trawangan) all day, along with snorkeling for 2 people for 450rb including rental boats and snorkeling equipment. My eyes instantly sparkling, but because Galuh do not want to go snorkel, finally we get a discount of 50rb.


As a suggestion, before adventuring in Gili, you should buy food and drinks as much as possible, because the prices on Gili could be double or more than the price in Lombok (price close to the price exceeds Jakarta). Likewise souvenirs, better to buy in Mataram, in addition to less expensive, the choice also more diverse.

We departed from Senggigi to gili Air directly using traditional boat, the trip takes approximately 1 hour. According to the guide, to snorkel, the best place is in the Air gili, so, I immediately dived to bring bread to the fish. Nice fish,,, its color varies, unfortunately I do not have an underwater camera: (


Chicken Satay with Bali Sauce,Gili Trawangan, Lombok, Indonesia


Arriving on Gili Trawangan, we were loading stuff, because we plan to stay in Gili Trawangan Baleku homestay, same price with Baleku Senggigi homestay. It is a bit far from the beach (approximately 7 minutes), but Baleku provides rental bicycles with price 25rb per day.

After putting stuff in the room, we immediately  bike around gili Trawangan (which apparently tiring) and search for food. We ate chicken satay, the peanut sauce uniquely is blended  with Balinese seasoning and the plate was made by a super large cracker   (Rp. 15,000 per serving). Oh yeah.. Do not forget the frieds (Rp.2,000 per pieces ).


Sunset on Gili Trawangan, Lombok, Indonesia

In the afternoon we cycled into sunset view at the end of the island  and dinner at the night market. Typical fish satay Lombok @ Rp5,000-10,000 per stick. For more photograps, please visit :

See u in day 3.. 😀

BackPacker to Lombok Island, Indonesia Day 1


Tanjung Aan Beach, Lombok Island, Indonesia

Woooww… Finally I get the mood to write one of my adventure here…

This time I’ll tell u my trip to Lombok Island, Indonesia. This Island is one of paradise in Indonesia with white sand and clear blue ocean.

This trip begin when I was searching for random air plane promotion tickets from Jakarta (my own). Fortunately, I saw this promotion ticket.. I spend only Rp 700.000 or $70 (2 way). We need 3 hours by plane to reach Lombok Island. I take my college friend, Galuh Pratiwi to join this trip.


We departed on Friday from Soekarno Hatta airport at 10:50 pm, and arrived at Lombok International Airport (BIL) at 13:50 pm. Up there, we were looking for public transport or motorcycle (we planned to stop at the Kuta and Tanjung Aan beach before going to the homestay in Senggigi). That no single public transportation or motorcycle were hanging out there. As a result, we chose a local taxi.


Kuta Beach, Lombok Island, Indonesia

We returned from there about 16:00 pm, we back again to BIL because “we intend to ride DAMRI, but it DAMRI there were only after the plane landed at around 18.00 pm. In the end we chartered a car to Senggigi Rp 150,000. Hire car will be noticeably cheaper if we went with a lot of people, since I was only with Galuh .. I spend more money than it should be ..

Trip to Senggigi takes approximately 2 hours. We stayed at Baleku homestay in Senggigi area, costs Rp 200,000 per night for a room with air conditioning, and Rp 100,000 for a room with a fan. After putting stuff in the room, we immediately went to the nearby Pura Ratu Bolong, eating roasted corn (@ Rp 5,000) while enjoying the Sunset .. hmmm ..

After returning from Ratu Bolong Temple, We tasted the 1 Taliwang Chicken and Kangkung plecing (Mrs Eka cuisine that has Baleku, which was taste very good) chicken taliwang priced at Rp 25,000 per head .. One serving of kangkung plecing priced at Rp 5,000 .. Ice lemon tea @ Rp 7,000 .. very cheap, isn’t it?


Ratu Bolong Temple on Sunrise, Senggigi, Lombok Island, Indonesia

Okaayy,, there is my first day trip, the second day I’ll go to Gili Air, Gili Meno and the last I stay in Gili Trawangan, If u want to look more photographs, please visit my another blog on :

See u.. 🙂

Why I should be a good person?

I am the type of person who prefers to be alone and do not care about others. I will try to help what is in front of my eyes, but not looking for what other people need around me. I do not care what happens to them.

I realized it was wrong, and I tried to change that attitude slowly because I have found the reason why I had to change it.

Holy Qur’an in my religion, says “You all should help each other in virtue and Taqwa, and please do not be helped in sins and crimes”

I once thought, for what reason I have to do good to others? (other than the reward of God is the same in return) anyway I do not care if they will be kind to me or not? I prefer to be alone without any interference from others.

I thought everyone did artificiality with helping others. I think behind all of that they certainly expecting that either directly or indirectly, that a euphemism nowadays called “Finding Connection” or “Create Network”.

I often hear these words come out from people’s mouths. So what difference does it make to the expectation of reward? I immediately decided that all attention is merely forms of FAKE.

I keep thinking and looking for a reason to do good to others, and one day, thinking about the falsity, now changed completely. I have found one of the reasons why I have to do good and help others, that is ..

“I love to see people smile and laugh because of me .. because what I have done to them ..”

At first I did not realize it. One day I was happy to see my parents smile because of the things I do. From that moment, I realized why I had to do good, to do as much as possible .. Because my parents smile .. they smile .. who encouraged me until now …



My Learning Style..

Hahaaa.. 😀

I know that each person has different learning style. But, I just wanna share my learning style.. Who knows that my style may be effective to you? 😀

  1. Learn in an atmosphere that we really like
  2. If it was not in the mood to learn, it’s better left the lessons! instead wasting our time for learning lessons, and as a result, the lesson will not be coming into your brain. You better go have fun to refresh your brain. After that, usually the mood will be back. 😀
  3. Do not forget to pray, because God who created our brains..  hehe 😀
  4. If you are sleepy, you better sleep . Do not forced, the consequences will be bad on your health condition. Later, you did not even take the exam.

Haaaaa… how? do u have the same style with me?