Energy Resources

Finally we meet again in this blog …

Hmm … This time I want to talk about our energy sources ..

Energy sources .. it seems a lot of people are talking about .. if allowed to know, you guys do not know what our energy sources? I will try to mention a few, check this out!

  1. The most famous in Indonesia .. natural gas n oil. What do you think .. whether the advantages and disadvantages of kerosene conversion to natural gas that occurs in our homeland?
  2. Coal .. I know, coalĀ  is only used for industrial power plant in Indonesia .. hmm .. that many were burned coal, will produce more pollution, right? (Finally, Global Warming anymore ..)
  3. Currently, the development of geothermal energy in Indonesia is being carried out, geothermal energy is heat Vapour directly derived from the subsurface, because Indonesia has many volcanoes .. it will have the possibility of large reserves of geothermal energy.
  4. The last, here it is the resources wasted long time ago .. Solar Energy .. but this source is definitely never ending .. but our technology is not yet at how to use this energy optimally .. I thought, it could have happened, the proof is solar-powered calculator. That means, just think about how to make the solar energy can generate electricity throughout the city. So, what do u think??!!!