Why I should be a good person?

I am the type of person who prefers to be alone and do not care about others. I will try to help what is in front of my eyes, but not looking for what other people need around me. I do not care what happens to them.

I realized it was wrong, and I tried to change that attitude slowly because I have found the reason why I had to change it.

Holy Qur’an in my religion, says “You all should help each other in virtue and Taqwa, and please do not be helped in sins and crimes”

I once thought, for what reason I have to do good to others? (other than the reward of God is the same in return) anyway I do not care if they will be kind to me or not? I prefer to be alone without any interference from others.

I thought everyone did artificiality with helping others. I think behind all of that they certainly expecting that either directly or indirectly, that a euphemism nowadays called “Finding Connection” or “Create Network”.

I often hear these words come out from people’s mouths. So what difference does it make to the expectation of reward? I immediately decided that all attention is merely forms of FAKE.

I keep thinking and looking for a reason to do good to others, and one day, thinking about the falsity, now changed completely. I have found one of the reasons why I have to do good and help others, that is ..

“I love to see people smile and laugh because of me .. because what I have done to them ..”

At first I did not realize it. One day I was happy to see my parents smile because of the things I do. From that moment, I realized why I had to do good, to do as much as possible .. Because my parents smile .. they smile .. who encouraged me until now …




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